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Ring Drums Locking Clamps

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Galvanized metal locking rings, clamps, lugs & sheet metal components are manufactured from Indian standard – best grade steel from deep drawn high quality steel. Sheets. Our locking rings, unique in design are offered to our world wide customers for ease of use on all drums & barrels manufactured so they enjoy multiple closing & fitting. locking rings – closure rings available in different s.w. gauges in construction & configurations Galvanized steel closure ring, clamp, metal clip, lock ring can be fully & easily removable from drum – top- lid locking rings are available with lever lock or bolt lock configuration & the choice depends on buyers requirement.

Our locking ring offers the highest level of durability & performance. On all type of drums. lock ring design, shape& profile offers easy handling for open head drum. our product locking rings are always easy at the time of fitment for plastic drum manufacturers on compression molded top lid with matching ring & lid sets enhance greater performance on traditional straight side or nest able for open head drums.

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